Founded in 2004, Frontier Investment Management (“Frontier Gottex”) was the first company to offer true multi-asset style investing to the UK market by combining allocations to traditional asset classes with significant allocations to alternative assets. This approach was inspired by the investment strategies of the US University Endowment funds such as Harvard and Yale, who are recognised as long-standing leaders in managing widely diversified portfolios.

Frontier Gottex is part of Gottex Fund Management (“Gottex”), a leading independent provider of alternative multi-asset investment solutions and advisory services. Gottex employs more than 125 people, including 40 investment professionals located around the world. Total fee-earning assets for the group as of September 2013 were USD 5.80 billion.

Frontier Gottex provide their innovative and low-cost multi-asset investment services to a broad client base spanning small institutions, high net worth individuals and financial advisers both in the UK and internationally. In addition to fund ranges based in the UK and offshore, the company also has a range of risk-rated model portfolios available to financial advisers and their clients. 

Frontier Gottex is the trading name of Frontier Investment Management LLP