Fuzhou ou union trading co., LTD. Is a professional research and development, production, sales: multi-purpose safety


Seal, seal product integration enterprise. This company after 10 years in the innovation of the product set


Meter, technical parameters detection test, management mode, management concept valuable experience; more


Years adhere to independent innovation, science and technology innovation to lead the industrial development and become a comprehensive high-tech


Industry enterprises; The company from a single scale production of electric power, instrument, postal and other common seal,


Through constant innovation, conform to the market trend developed now much money: instrument security seal, wire \


Seal, plastic seal, high the seal, electronic seal, plastic padlock, sheet metal seal, and other seven series over 100 kinds products; Widely used in shipping companies, oil


Tian, bank, express company, electric power company, water, instrument, logistics, finance, foreign trade, commodity inspection, customs, etc, for a long time by the customers praise.


The company deeply felt of the fine quality products, reasonable price system and perfect product quality tracking service is the base of enterprise success. Therefore the company efforts to gauge


Fan, perfect and technical innovation, adapt to changing market demand, and grasp the seal industry application technology trend, deep analysis of different customer specific requirements, sincere


To provide the best performance of products, and make pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, in the spirit of "credibility of the first, service first" for social all circles wholeheartedly services, and guest


Door to establish a kind of honest and trustworthy partner relationship, interdependence and common development...


At home and abroad wholeheartedly welcome the general merchants call or come to consultation, and our company to establish long-term business relationship.

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